Empowerment Breakthrough Career Coaching Program

A unique 12-session coaching program to get you out of limbo and into the career you deserve.

The past 2 years have caused a seismic shift in the world of work. If you are feeling lost, disconnected, and just going through the motions of life without aim or purpose, you’re not alone.

Fulfilling our potential and finding our place in the world is a deep human need. Maybe you started your career with a great plan and grand aspirations. But the world is no longer the same, is it?


About the program

Since 2017, Empowerment Foundation has collaborated with more than 45 career coaches to deliver the highest quality career coaching to over 300 clients from at least 20 countries.

Based on our experience of what works, we have created a career coaching program that consistently brings results.

  • Would you like to get unstuck and move forward?
  • Are you going through a big change and wish you could move through it faster or with more ease?
  • Would you like to recalibrate your work situation to fit with your changed life?
  • Do you feel like there’s more to you and you wish you could further unlock your potential?
  • Do you want to find or create a more you-shaped space in the world?

Then this program is for YOU.

Long-lasting Results

Recalibrating your life requires a deep dive into who you are, or who you’ve become after a massive change or trauma. The process of unearthing your lost treasures can be uncomfortable, even painful sometimes. Our program is designed to provide ongoing support so that you feel connected and safe throughout the process.

  • Create a new, deeper connection to who you are
  • Gain clarity on who you’ve become and what your present self needs right now
  • Recover your trust in your ability to make your own decisions and take massive action
  • Give yourself permission to try new things so you can get unstuck
  • Develop unshakable resilience to thrive in a constantly changing environment

This is what our clients say

How It Works

This group coaching program is structured into 6 modules that will take place over 12 sessions.

  • There will be 2 live virtual sessions every month (Zoom).
  • Each session will be approx. 2,5 hours long, including breaks, with the possibility to end earlier depending on the session requirements.
  • There are two 1 to 1 sessions with your personal career coach
  • Location: All sessions will take place online via Zoom.
  • Start Date & Time: Spring 2022. Multiple time options are available.
  • Group Size: up to 10 people
  • Selection process: Participants will have an exploratory session with a coach to ensure compatibility with the program and the rest of the group.


The full program costs 2.995 € excl. VAT (amount dependent on your residence). Payment plans are available.

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Meet the Team

  • Loraine Branch
    Career Coach
  • Dimi Kassari
    Career Coach/Marketing Consultant
  • Milagros Paredes Mattos
    Career & Leadership Coach
  • Marjolijn Vlug
    Career & Allyship Coach
  • Konstantina Akrivou
    Program Manager / L&D Consultant
  • Cosmin Epureanu
    Web Developer
  • Mary Beth Shewan
    Program Consultant
  • Flor de Maria Paredes Mattos
    Managing Director
  • Shea Harty
    Managing Director

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